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Automatic storage system with shifting trays for the storage of small to medium-sized items and a variety of odds and ends. Unlike more traditional automatic vertical storage systems, our storage system offers perfect adaptability to the needs of a warehouse and is ideal for reducing picking times. Its internal handling system allows for movement along three axes (horizontal, vertical and tray deposit) and can be configured for either single-column or multi-column use up to a maximum of eight columns. This adaptability makes us unique in its class for its dimensional flexibility and allows for its installation in any type of location. Its modular design means the storage system can literally be made to measure. Because of the ability of SILO² to extend both vertically and horizontally it can satisfy any requirements in terms of space or weight load. With the combination of two load capacities (250 and 400 kg) and 105 possible tray dimensions it can store items made of any material from 104 kg up to a massive 1,111 kg. The storage system is managed by a dedicated software programme compatible with Microsoft Windows.

* from 1 to 8 columns which can be combined to create a made-to-measure storage system
* Trays available in 105 different dimensions
* 1 or more access openings: internal, external, opposing or on different levels
* Weight load capacity varying from 104 to 1,111 kg/m² for the storage of diverse material
* Management software which can be interfaced with any type of company I.T. system
* H24 remote diagnostic customer assistance

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