Italian work lockers for corporate, school, gym, club, office or home

Italian inox steel lockers for food and farmaceutical companies

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Stainless steel AISI 304 and 441 lockers. Double lockers structure made of inox steel AISI 304, thickness 8/10 finishing glazed. Inside: separation wall to separate dresses clean/dirty, upper shelf, lower separation vain for shoes with pierced bottom, hook for clothes. For food and farmaceutical companies dressing rooms.

Doors with embrasures for aeration and closing with cylinder lock or padlock, tubular stainless steel feet with aim in plastic diem. 38 mm; tilting roof anti-dust. The top has not been added but is made out of the same sheet of metal used to make the locker which ensures against dirt and dust getting trapped as would be the case if the top had been added.

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